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GILT-EnArt 2015
Gilding Materials and Techniques in European Art
25th to 27th of May, 2015 - Evora, Portugal

            Decorating using gold leafs is one of the most ancient technique used to embellish the surfaces of various art objects. How and why they were used is closely related to the society in which they were produced, revealing its aesthetical and/or religious values. During the Baroque, such became a mark of the period. In Portugal and Spain this is particularly obvious in the religious art, namely in the gilded carved wood altarpieces and sculptures. This international conference proposes to act as the final dissemination action of the Gilt-teller project (PTDC/EAT-EAT/116700/2010; www.gilt-teller.pt). It will address the whole range of scientific and research knowledge and tools that the study and conservation of Gilded Cultural Heritage require.
            Thus the conference's main aim is to create a platform of shared knowledge between the Humanities and the Applied Sciences, focusing on gilded materials and techniques of the European artistic and technical tradition.

The themes to be addressed within the 6 proposed sessions are:

  1. Historical and technical sources on gilding materials and techniques;
  2. Conservation State Assessment and conservation-restoration studies on gilded artefacts;
  3. Multiscale and multidisciplinary analytical studies on gilded artefacts;
  4. From the historical sources to the reproduction of gilding recipes in the laboratory;
  5. Gilding materials and techniques between Europe and Overseas countries;
  6. Outreach and dissemination strategies;



International Conference
Biodiversity and Global Changes: Valorizing the industrial effluents and agricultural and forrest wastes
21st to 23rd of July, 2015 Ngaoundere, Cameroun

            Organized with support of:
IRD, AUF, Universités de Ngaoundéré (Cameroun), SAHR (Tchad), Kinshassa (RDC), INRA (France)

         jsieliechi@yahoo.fr                                     See poster [click here]

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